Coach: Dave Nelson

Position: Head Coach
School: Big Sandy High School


Nose Guard
Alignment Guard, End Gap Alignment Head up
Responsibility Gap Responsibility Guard, Center Gaps
Stance 3 pt. or 4 pt. (if 3 pt. inside up) Stance 4 pt.
Key 1st back in view Key Centers head
Technique Gap Charge, do not penetrate deeper than 1 yard past the line of scrimmage. Technique Control Centers head, stay low, play down the line of scrimmage, Don't pick a side.

Middle Linebacker

Alignment Head up on center Alignment 1 yd outside end, 3 yds deep
Responsibility Both guard, center gaps, inside-out pursuit of play Responsibility Outside ends shoulder to sideline
Stance Squared 2 pt. Stance 2 pt., inside foot up
Key I - Fullback Key End to near back
split backs - Both backs (triangle)
Technique Shoulders parallel with line of scrimmage. Fill down the line of scrimmage. Technique Protect outside leg, shoulders parallel to line of scrimmage


Alignment Shade inside of end, 6-10 yds
Responsibility Pass, man or zone, inside to outside run support
Stance 2 pt. - prefer inside up
Key End - read head and release
Technique Back pedal technique - tough technique - communicate run or pass - ball call, communicate to backside safety on post and drag.


Basic Alignments
Gap Tough or Wide Shade
  Shotgun Formation, Passing Downs - Long Yardage  Prevent or Sprint Out Attack

Pass Coverages


Man vs. Sprint Out

Zone vs Sprint Out




Scrape Right



Outside-Scrape Right


Gap Charge
  Could go 2 deep zone with S and LB instead of man. Could go 2 deep zone with Safeties.

Alignment vs. Formations



Double Slot

Veer Option Responsibilities

Inside Veer

Outside Veer

LB and Safety to play side can switch assignments.

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