Coach: Bob Cleverley

Position: Retired Head Coach
School: Ennis High School
Explanation: Bob retired after the 1997 season after coaching for 37 years and is considered by many as the 8-man Guru in Montana. Some of Bob's accomplishments include two undefeated state championships, in 78 and 82, state runner-up in 83. Bob's teams have won 4 divisional championships,5 quarterfinal championships, and 12 district championships. Bob has been recognized as Montana coach of the year in 82, elected to the hall of fame in 91 and voted national coach of the year for Dist. 7 in 92.


DE - Contain - Backside pursuit- QB on option

Tackles - gap control - pass rush

LB - gap control - pass coverage


Ends - QB through near back

Tackles - Head of offensive lineman

OLB - Head of offensive lineman to near back

MB - Centers head to QB

Safety - eyes of QB - pass until ball crosses LOS

Pre-Snap Read
Defenders should read the offensive lineman's hands:
1. If the knuckles are white it's a run
2. If the knuckles aren't then it's a pass.
*****Most players while in their stance, will put less pressure on their hands if they are pass blocking.

Stunt Package





One on One Bag drill

Defender will do pushups or extra sprints if he looses.

Shed Blocker Drill

*Defender cannot be pushed out of the bags
*Gets rid of each blocker anyway he can

Goal Line Drills

*Tackle the ball carrier before he crosses the goal line, The loser gets wind sprints.

*Both players lie on their back, helmet to helmet. On the coaches whistle the Ball Carrier tries to get across the goal line and the tackler tries to prevent him from crossing. Wind sprints for the loser!

Zone Defense

*Practice dropping into the zones every night, last drill of the day!

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